Welcome to Lancaster ESTA

The Ethical Small Traders Association (ESTA) is an association of Small Traders working for a sustainable local economy in the Lancaster area.

We aim to provide a mutually co-operative framework for local social entrepreneurs to work together on developing products and services which serve to develop the prosperity and common good of the wider community.

Our Principles

ESTA seeks to be a model of best practice in how to run a successful, resilient, environmentally and socially responsible local business network.

As a condition of joining, members agree to improve the way their business affects environmental sustainability, community well-being and the development of everyone. Rather than being additional business burdens this can actually enhance the success of your business.

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If you are Self-Employed and want to co-operate with others then we invite you to Join Us!

Members of ESTA get access to a range of benefits including: Networking & Collaborating support, Inter-trading and Joint marketing with other members,
support in developing local markets, building communication skills and developing sustainable products and services.